Give it out to them

Plany-PlanJ Class 1 (for 0)

· My Dear Native Speaker! I need Your Computer for this class !

· Please come 15 minutes earlier and prepare all of the handouts !

· Whenever it is time for students to come – Turn on the music (not very loud though) !

· songs preferable: Boogie Pimps “Somebody To Love”, James Brown “I feel good”

1. Introducing Yourself + asking Their Names

(pointing to yourself and saying the following phrase)

· Hello, my name is ---! (ATT: give your hand shake to everyone)

· What is Your Name? (Asking while pointing at the student)

ATT: please try to be creative and with a sense of humor, but Give it out to them no awkward J

If students especially like one or another game – play it twice

2. And now it`s time to get to know each other:

Prepare BEFORE HAND!!!!!

1. Make a list of adjectives and write it down on board so they can see it!

2. Also, write down the translation into Russian

Ex: Wonderful – Замечательный

3. Ask them to Listen and Then To Read with You!!! + point right at the translation)

4. And Start The Game !

GAME BOX:(Icebreaker ): Adjective game!

Everybody is going to take turns - go round robin - in saying their names preceded by adjectives for themselves.

Add a twist to the game. From the Give it out to them second person onwards, the introduction will be preceded by the repeating the introduction of the first person. For instance if the person before me introduced herself as 'Pretty Pia', I will introduce myself as 'pretty Pia', 'lovely Leena'. Clarifying further, if there were four people ahead of me, I would introduce myself after I have repeated their introductions of themselves. This might look like 'beautiful Betty', 'gorgeous Gina', 'pretty Pia' 'lovely Leena'.

ATT: please give a perfect example of how to play before start! That way students won`t be confused !

3. Time to sum up the game: Trainer Give it out to them is making a little joke like “all right now you know who is a potential killer” or smth…

4. Little break (5-7 minutes) – Teach Them How to do the Figer Yoga ! ))

5. But since it is the first class let`s get familiar with all of the sides of each other`s personality and here what we going to do:

GAME BOX: Guessing Words!

Print Out The following 2 word-lists for each student (1 with rus words, 2nd – with eng)

Give it out to them

Show Them Some Money J (you could say: Look!)

Start point at them like asking: would you like that Give it out to them?) and show them by your body movements: yes/no

Rules: Whoever will compare words and translation with the biggest amount of the right answers – gets $ ! ))))














6. Big break (12-15 minutes)

ATT: you are welcome to help yourself with the icebreaking communication with students while TEA-MOMENT

7. Slang

Tell them: Hey! Let`s speak REAL ENGLISH! – реальный!

According to PERSON topic:

1. Break a leg – Ни пуха, ни пера

2. On the arm – в долг

3. Eye-popper – extremely sexy, attractive

4. To join for a smile – to go get a drink together

5. Just kidding – joking

8. ATT: if there is enough time playing:

GAME BOX: Situation

This game will give them a chance to see that it is Give it out to them much better to know English, than not! Let them speak with their body language and gestures !

Документ Give it out to them